About Us

About Oilfast UK

We offer national fuel solutions to a range of commercial clients. Based in beautiful Raglan in Gwent, Wales, we cover all areas of the UK at one price and an excellent service level. We offer unrivalled personal service and account management from a background of extensive industry experience.

Oilfast UK are owned by the Oilfast Limited Group, established in 2013.
Our directors and senior management have been handpicked for their wealth of experience and success in the fuel industry. As a result, our Scottish fuel distributor Oilfast continues to be the fastest growing fuel supplier in Scotland.

Through our extensive experience in the industry we understand what great service consists of. Our customers can rely on us to ensure deliveries are on time every time, with an order process that is streamlined and hassle free.


Quality, Service and Environmentally Conscious

At Oilfast UK, exceptional customer service is our main priority.  We work ethically, take our corporate social responsibilities seriously and measure our success based on satisfied, happy customers.

We understand that this industry has a negative impact on the environment and that climate change is a serious problem. We recognise that our own operations have an effect on the local and global environment, so we are truly committed to implementing solutions.

Consequently, we continue to improve our environmental performances and decrease our carbon footprint in order to make a positive difference.

In 2013 we launched the Oilfast Forest Tree Planting Programme. This is managed by Scottish Woodlands as part of a long-term forest management plan. We plant one tree for every gas oil delivery over 1,100 litres and are proud to say we have now planted over 110,000 trees since the programme started.