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Bulk Fuel Solutions from Oilfast UK

Oilfast UK specialises in bulk fuel solutions for national clients. We offer a two-working-day (delivered) price for a range of products across the whole of the UK including: Gas Oil (Red Diesel), Derv (ULSD) and Kerosene (Heating Oil).

Whether you are looking for wholesale fuel solutions for one site or rigid deliveries for hundreds of sites across the UK, Oilfast UK can make the fuel order process straightforward and seamless with additional benefits.

Oilfast UK senior management have been chosen for their wealth of experience and success in the industry to ensure your fuel requirements can be met with a service that you can rely on.

Our friendly team offers dedicated account management which provides you with a personal point of contact to support you with every aspect of your order.

At Oilfast UK, we understand that every buyer is unique, so our multiple payment options are designed to suit everyone’s individual needs.

Why Oilfast UK?

Consolidated Invoices

Weekly Fixed Prices

Dedicated Account Management

Flexible Payment Options

Innovative Credit Options

Personalised Service